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Wireless Weight Scales

There are two models for the Wireless Weight Scale:

  1. WS-210
  2. WS-100

The Wireless Weight Scales enable precise medical monitoring of weight changes for chronic disease patients. Weight managment enables on-line weight tracking and coaching for weight loss and wellness management.

The Wireless Weight Scale measures, stores and wirelessly transmits the weight data to a MedicGate or MiniGate that can forward the data via telephone lines orInternet communication to a telemedicine monitoring center or a web personal health record

Wireless Weight Scale Features:

  • Fully wireless, un-tethered operation (no communication or power cords) lets customer use the weight scale anywhere within coverage area
  • 250 meter communication range (open space)
  • 50g (1/10 lb) resolution
  • Maximum capacity 150 kg (350 lb)
  • Low battery indication
  • Sleek low profile