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WristClinic Bluetooth
WristClinic Spo2 Continuous
Watch Me - Medical Watch
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Wireless Weight Scale
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Software & Applications:
Monitoring Centre Software
Personal Health Record
Web Services Integration
Well Being Station
Measurement RAS


The all-in-one wireless remote medical monitoring revolution

WristClinic is a revolutionary all-in-one wireless remote medical monitoring device for telemedicine and homecare applications. It enables timely intervention, disease and chronic care management, improved patient compliance and better patient care.

Easy to use:
Guided by a large icon-driven LCD menu, the patient activates the WristClinic. Vital signs are measured and the data is automatically and wirelessly transmitted to MedicGate or MiniGate which forward the data by telephone or Internet to a telemedicine monitoring centre or to a Personal Health Record (PHR). If transmission is disrupted, WristClinic™ will store up to 100 readings for transmission at a later time.

Compact, cost-effective and efficient
WristClinic's compact size makes it an all-in-one mobile medical device with strong consumer appeal. WristClinic facilitates fast, efficient clinical monitoring in home, office or travel environments.

WristClinic Features:

  • Medical monitoring functions:
    • Heart rate
    • 1 lead ECG
    • Blood pressure
    • Heart rhythm regularity
    • Respiratory rate
    • Oxygen saturation (SpO2)
    • Body temperature

  • User initiated measurements
  • Large LCD screen shows results
  • Records, stores and wirelessly transmits data up to 250 meters
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Multi-user capability
  • Quiet, safe operation
  • Multi language support
  • Audio-Visual indicators