Comprehensive Wireless Solutions for Home Care, Disease Management,
Telemedicine and Wellness

A Medic4all Group Company  

Telcomed has raised the bar on telemedicine monitoring technology. Our products are uniquely comfortable, patient friendly, and totally unobtrusive. And at the same time they provide an unprecedented level of precision, reliability and clinical comprehensiveness.

Telcomed is focused on a simple vision: that healthcare can and must be made dramatically more cost-effective and patient-friendly by leveraging recent technology advances.
Telcomed achieves this vision by introducing a new level of telemedicine solutions to the healthcare marketplace. 
Our solutions are:
  • Uniquely attractive to patients. We prioritize the patient experience, and have designed our products to be uniquely non-obtrusive, lightweight and comfortable, fully wireless, attractive looking and extremely intuitive and simple to use.

  • Uniquely compelling to healthcare providers. Our products are secure, reliable, precise, and carefully designed to fit seamlessly into existing service models.  Our platform is fully flexible enabling cost-effective scaling up or down, and easy adaptation to a wide variety of medical conditions.







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